Non-Invasive An...

Non-Invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination


NACE stands for “Non-Invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination”, a completely safe test for you and your baby, using the latest sequencing technology to analyze fetal DNA compared to maternal DNA to detect certain anomalies with high precision and accuracy. It is suggested for all pregnant women with abnormal result in their its trimester screening . Previous Down ‘s syndrome , Edward syndrome , patau syndrome , tuner syndrome , klinefelter syndrome , XYY, C trisomy syndrome pregnancy, suspicious ultrasound findings. 

NACE extended 24 is an extended version that incorporates the detection of all. Chromosomes tri-somies and identifies 6 major micro deletions like DIgeorge-syndrome , 1p36 deletion , Angelman, prader-willi , Cri- du-chat , wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.


It is recommended for singleton pregnancies with a gestational age of 10 week and above.