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Carrier Genetic Test


CGT stands for ”Carrier Genetic Test”, a simple DNA test prior to pregnancy which prevent genetic disorders in the baby. The most advanced way to plan your baby. CGT test allows us to know which Gene’s are altered in each person.

The most common mono-genic disorders determine with CGT are cystic fibrosis spinal muscular atrophy, autosomal recessive poly-cystic kidney disease, non-syndromic hereditary sensory neural hearing loss, mucopoly-saccharides , sickle cell anaemia, Gaucher ‘s  disease, mucopoly-saccharidosis, fragile-x-syndrome , beta-thalassemia.

Genetic disorders can’t be cured but can be prevented. Being a carrier doesn’t mean you will develop illness. We all are carrier of certain genetic mutations. Although carrier are healthy people. If both parents have a mutation in the same gene the probability of having a sick child is 25% . Every person has an average of 2 genetic mutations . 82% of individual are carrier of at least one condition. If both parents obtain a positive result in the carrier genetic test with a mutation in the same gene the recommendations is to choose PGD thus preventing their child from an illness.

CGT Process